Like many American women, I was an extremely overactive, overachieving, anxious person. I competed in fitness contests, ran half-marathons, cycled, did yoga and weight trained. And while this constant movement gave the appearance of being healthy,  I was unaware of the damage it was actually causing. I didn't listen to my body. Until I was forced to. My body shut down.

I developed hypothyroidism and degenerative disc disease. I was in severe pain. In the past five years, I underwent three spinal surgeries - one of which was a full disc replacement. My metabolism slowed down so much that I had gained over 30 pounds. On top of the weight gain, I personally struggled with dry skin, daily hives, hair loss, and reproductive concerns - all of which are symptoms of hypothyroidism. It was quite the emotional roller coaster.

It has taken me many years to have a healthy, balanced, strong body again. My main takeaway from all I have learned is to heal, build, and fuel your body with the highest quality foods and natural supplements. I learned that health comes from the inside out.

In my quest for better health, I discovered what supplements were truly effective through personal experience - with the help of nutritionists, allergists, herbalists, internal medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and endocrinologists.  This collaboration led to the birth of ReNew5 by Kaffa® Skincare & Company. Our passion for a nurturing, healthy lifestyle soon followed and continues to be a driving force behind everything we do. 

Thank you for your ongoing support,  

Founder & Customer