Digestion Health 

ReNew5 contains 6000 grams of collagen and Biotin and Resveratrol. Collagen is a high in the amino acid glycine that improves digestive health, regulates inflammation, protects the mucosal barrier, and improves enterocyte function in the intestinal tract. It protects against systemic endotoxin damage from leaky gut. The ingestion of collagen would help you maintain the integrity of your mucosal barrier, improve mucus membrane health in the entire body. Marine collagen is a powerful healing agent for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. 

Leaky Gut

Collagen derived from marine sources is the best for improving a leaky gut. A leaky gut will cause bacteria, fungi, and viruses to easily enter your blood stream, which can contribute to illnesses or a lack of wellbeing. When we absorb food particles from the digestive tract into their blood, which causes immune and allergic reactions. When we are exposed to undigested particles from our food, our bodies react and treats them as foreign objects. Taking ReNew5 which contains marine collagen peptides will repair the sensitive lining and infrastructure of our stomach, small and large intestines. It helps draw water into the intestinal tract to help food move along smoother.  Collagen attracts and absorbs water efficiently. It can attract the hydrochloric acid it helps produce from the walls of the stomach used to breakdown food closer to the contents in the stomach, helping it digest food easier.